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Teens and the Internet by Laura

par Laura BELLAY le 13 novembre 2014 à 15:59

  A lot of teens stay on the screen for too long . They are addicted to the Internet because Facebook , Internet and social networks are cool and fun however Internet is dangerous because there are sexual predators and Cyberbulling .

  I often go on the Internet . I use the Internet for my homework and to go on facebook . I have a tablet . I go on the Internet twice a week .

  I'm not addicted to the Internet because I don't go on the Internet once a day . My parent agree with me . I must do my homework before I go on the Internet .

  So when you go on the Internet , pay attention :

  - Think about consequences

  - Protect your privacy

  - Don't post bare photos online .

  Are you a geek ?

  Do you have a tablet ?

  When do you go on the Internet ?

                                   Think before you post!!!


Internet Safeter

par Max GHEYSENS le 13 novembre 2014 à 15:52

 Internet and teenagers

By Max Gheysens 




Internet and teens

A lot of teens are addicted to the internet.They are addicted to the screen and it's dangerous be cause the screen hurts the eyes.Internet is dangerous because when you post an image you can't go back.

Internet and me 

I go on the internet everyday.I use internet for five hours a day.I think I'm addicted and I must spend three hours a day. Because whe you are on the Internet you forget friends,family and you can't use your head for your homework.

My parents think I must..

My parents think I must attention and I must sleep and don't forget internet it's dangerous.they are happy because I'm a good student but me I'don't agree.

Pay attention

When you post an article on the Internet,remember you don't go back.You must never talk with anyone. Think about consequences.You are not safe on the internet.I think internet is very dangerous and the parents of the teens must pay attention.


And you ? 

Are you addicted to the internet.

How often for day do you go on the internet?

Can you forget internet for 1week? 

Can you imagine your life without the internet ?

Do you need glasses to watch screen ?

Be careful !



Safer Internet

par Andrea PEAN le 13 novembre 2014 à 15:52

                                Safer Internet.


Teens are addicted .

I'm a geek, I play video games and on my smartpone once a day.I'm very addicted so I can't play play video games.

My parents are furious because once a week , my parents take my smartphone.

You can go on social network but think about consequences.

Are you a geek?

Whe do you go on the internet?

Are your parents Ok?


 Attention !!!

Miley Olivrie

Surf Safe

par Alban PRUDHOMME le 13 novembre 2014 à 15:48

A lot of teens are addicted to the Internet because we love social networks (Facebook, You Tube, Twitter). But, there are dangers: sexual predators, cyberbullying, rumours. Someone can spread rumours and cyberbully someone. Tell your parents. Don't stay alone! Don't post bare photos online. Think about consequences. Ask your parents to go on social networks.

And you, is it essential to protect your privacy ?



I go on the Internet once a day. How often do you go on the Internet ? I go for homework, social networks, to listen to music.. Why do you go on the Internet  ?

My parents agree that I go on the Internet. My mum doesn't want me to stay on the screen for too long. My parents want me to go the Internet after homework and dinner.

What about you? Are you a geek?

I'm not geek but I'm addicted to the Internet. I don't play videos games a lot. I have Facebook and Ask, but I don't have Instagram and Twitter. It's not protected.







Pay attention. Think before you post.


Internet is Dangerous !

par ZELIA MALHAIRE le 12 novembre 2014 à 13:57

Internet is dangerous !  by Lea Balle

Most of teens are addicted to screens. On the Internet, you can do everything you want : watch videos, chat with your friends, your family, buy clothes..

It's very helpful and fun.

Teens also love social networks. But it's dangerous because there are a lot of perverts and cyberbullying too.


I go on the Internet 3 hours a week. Sometimes, I watch videos and sometimes I listen to music but I prefer reading. My parents want me to use the Internet only at the weekend and on Wednesdays. At home, we just have one computer.


On the Internet, you mustn't post bare photos for your own privacy. Pay attention to pervs. Don't stay too long on the computer because it's not good for your brain !You can't download films or music without paying because it's illegal.


Internet is dangerous if you post bare photos or you post aggressive texts. It's not good if you stay for too long on your screen. A lot of persons are addicted because it's a happy world.

What about you ?

What do use the Internet for ?

Do you pay attention to your privacy ?


Be careful !

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