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Halloween by Mary and Agata

Par Agathe ROBERTPublié le 18 oct. 2016 à 14:53



Halloween is celebrated on 31st of October



in Scotland ,Ireland ,England and the USA.



The people dress up as mommy , vampire , ghost , witch and zombie.



The people go trick or treat.


Par Arthur GOURHANDPublié le 18 oct. 2016 à 14:47 ♦ Mis à jour le 18 oct. 2016 à 14:52


Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of Novenber country Englo- Saxon( Unitedt States , Ireland

and Scotland ...) . People wear costumes ( ghost ,vampire, zombie,witch ...).The children go

trick of treak and people decorate their house with a pumpkin ,jack o lantern, spider...


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Halloween by Perry

Par Perrine FLEURYPublié le 18 oct. 2016 à 14:49 ♦ Mis à jour le 18 oct. 2016 à 14:52



- Halloween is on 31st October



- Halloween is celebrated in te USA , England, Ireland,




- The people go trick-or-treat , They wear costumes of


vampire , mummy , witch , ghost … And they have a




Halloween is fun !!!!


Par Charlyne FEFEUPublié le 18 oct. 2016 à 14:52


Halloween is in the night of 31st October .

People wear costumes : mommy,skeleton,vampire, witch,zombie,ghost .

It is celebrated in Scotland, Ireland, England and the USA.


Par Silyano SIROTPublié le 18 oct. 2016 à 14:52



Halloween is the day of the dead. It is on the 31st October .

The people wear costumes and go trick-or-treats .

Halloween is from Scotland,England,the United States, Ireland

The people wear costumes : witch,zombie,vampire,mummy and ghost.

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