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Cincinnati and Craon

Par ZELIA MALHAIREPublié le 22 nov. 2015 à 14:24 ♦ Mis à jour le 22 nov. 2015 à 15:27

Les collégiens américains de Cincinnati avec lesquels nous échangeons en 4e et en 3e ont tenu à nous témoigner leur amitié et leur solidarité après les attaques de Paris du 13 novembre. Voici ici une photo et une vidéo qu'ils nous ont envoyées :













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Teens and the internet

Par Salome BEASSEPublié le 12 nov. 2015 à 11:35

Today, it's " Safer InternDay" in thirty countrys.

Lots of tenns are addicted to the internet. They chat on social networks, play video games or watch videos. Other go on the internet to do their homework. Lots of people use the internet in 2015. For me, I spend 2 hours everyday on the internet. I use a smartphone or a computer. I spend lot of time to watching videos. I go on youtube and watch the youtubers. I don't often go on social networks. I sometimes go on Facebook, Snapchat and Instragram. I don't have twitter. I don't play video games. I don't like that. Sometimes I watch movies. I think I'm too long on the internet. 

My parents agree when I go on the internet, but I have rules.

-I must do my homework, and after that, I can go on the internet.

-I mustn't chat with strangers;

-I can't post bare photo or other.

-My parents don't want me to post pictures of them , when they don't know.

-My profile must be private.

The internet can be dangerous when you don't pay attention ! You can be hacked ! Don't click on sites you don't know ! .Don't post a bare photo or mean comments ! There is lot of bullying on social networks, and we must stop this ! There is suicide !  SO PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU'RE ON THE INTERNET. Afficher l'image d'origine

Sally, 4C


Par Jeanne DERMAUTPublié le 12 nov. 2015 à 11:33

Today, teenagers are Internet addicted. There are a lot of new technologies: tablet, smartphone, laptop... They spend 2h20 on the Internet and 1h50 on social networks everyday. They chat with their friends, post photos, videos and comments, play games... The screens are in the teens's lives.

I go on the Internet four times a week for at least an hour but I'm not an Internet addict. I love the new technologies but I don't have them, so when I visit my friends, I spend a lot of time on their tablet or smartphone. I watch videos and I chat with my friends but I always pay attention.

I think I spend a lot of time on the Internet and I hurts my eyes. Sometimes, I'm tired because I go on the Internet for too long. Internet is a huge problem !

My parents let me go on the Internet but they don't want me to go on the Internet for too long. My mum allows me to go on the Internet when I have homework. Espiacially, they want me to pay attention !

You can have huge problems with the Internet. I can give you safety tips:

-Don't post bare photos !

-Don't write mean comments !

-Ask your friends before posting photos of them !

-Don't click on sites you don't know !

Thera are other problems : cyberbuilling, phishing, spam, depression and suicide ! Think before posting photos online ! When you post photos or videos, people can't take them back so pay attention ! The security is so important ! Don't post personnal information.

What do you do on the Internet ? Do you pay attention ? Do you have problems with the Internet ? If you have problems with that, tell your problems to your parents or your friends.

Afficher l'image d'origine


                                                                                                                                              DERMAUT Jeanne 4C

Be safe on the internet!

Par Ludivine LANNEAUPublié le 12 nov. 2015 à 11:31

Today,a lot of people ,expecially teens are addicted o the interet .They are between 12 and 14 years old.They use the internet on computers, tablets, smatphones...They spend 2,3 hours or more.They want to chat wit friends,go on social networks like Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr,Snapchat...to post comments or photos, to play video games and to go on Youtube.I don't think i'm addicted.I use the internet on my smartphone or laptop at least once a day for one hour but sometines two.I use it for chatting with my friends and going on Youtube.I thi i should be less on the internet.My parents agree but they don't want me to use my phone during dinners and too late in the evening.
To be safe on the internet,this is what you should do or what you must do:
-Don't post bare photos online.
-Don't accept strangers as friends.
-Don't post you personal information.
-Don't post mean comments.
If you post a lot of things of your private life...you can be tejeced from college, fired of your jobs.There are suicides because there is cyber bullying ,you can be also hacked

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Internet : it's very dangerous !

Par Alice RAGARUPublié le 12 nov. 2015 à 11:29

A lot of teenagers are adddicted to srceens. They use it for social networks to play video games, they watch videos...    I spend about two hours every day on the Internet. I go on my phone, on facebook, twitter, youtube... I think that I spend a lot of time because after breakfast, I go on the Internet. Before  and after lunch, I go on the Internet. When I go back home, I go on the Internet. After dinner, I go on the Internet.                                                                           My parents don't care if I go on the Internet or screens. But they say "no phone on the table", so during lunch or diner, I can't use my phone. And after 10:00 PM I can't use my phone. I must go to sleep and I must stop to surf on the Internet.  With the Internet, we can be rejected from a college or a job because when we post a private photo, every body can see it. There are also suicides because there is cyberbullying. So to be safe on the Internet, we mustn't post a private photo. We must ask to post a photo of other peoplewhen they are on this photo or video. We mustn't accept friends that we don't know.

And you ? How much time do you go on the Internet ? Do you pay attention ?



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